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The city of white nights
The city - classic and modern at the same time - that lives its own life day or night

Moscow Aerial
Our study of Moscow with more than 2 500 000 views on youtube since November 2017.
Winter Saint Petersburg
Snow-covered roofs and a frozen river - we pictured St Petersburg from above in the middle of winter, the time when the city is beautiful in its own way
Lakhta Center - Europe's Tallest Scyscraper
The 462 meter high scyscraper on the coast of Gulf of Finland. The top of Lakhta Center frequently overlooks the clouds - and we captured that moment

"The Bridges of Saint-Petersburg" project. Fontanka river
The full 6.5 km river in one 18-minute shot, speeded up to a 1:15 time-lapse. All bridges named
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Winter Moscow
Greatness of the snow-covered capital
Colors of Georgia
All colors of Georgia in one video: both from above and from the ground
Saint Petersburg Aerial 2015
Over 2 000 000 views on YouTube and more than 10 000 000 overall
Lakhta Center - the New Lighthouse of Saint-Petersburg
Our drone video about the new tradition of the Northern Capital - Morse code signalling "Vivat, Saint-Petersburg!"
Indoor flights
The Mariinsky theatre, The Stieglitz Academy of Arts, The Arch of the General Staff Building - a short showreel of our indoor shoots using big quadcopters
Сrimea Aerial
Discover breathtaking Crimean peninsula landscapes with us

Other projects
Examples of usage our aerials
RZD. Russian Railways reconstruction
The Praxis Advance Agency video about the reconstruction of the Eastern Range of Russian Railways. Our team joined the filming brigade on a three-week 8462-km filming trip
"Monolith" Company Group. How concrete is produced
A presentation video for the largest concrete manufactor in St. Petersburg
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Bank "Saint-Petersburg"
An advertising video for the Bank "Saint-Petersburg" established in 1990
Revival of the Airport Pulkovo, whole production by our studio

Governmental interactions

The process of obtaining filming and flight permissions, drone registry in Russia is still unclear. However, some locations require special documents. We provide a service of arrangement of all the necessary documents in such places. Usually it takes from 3 to 5 weeks to collect all the requested permissions. The cost is €700 per location.
List of required permissions and approvals:
1. Response to notification from the City Administration;
2. Answer with permission from the Federal Security Service;
3. Response to notification from the General Staff;
4. Request to the air transport department of Rosavia;
5. Answer with permission from the zonal center;
6. Providing the zonal center of the flight plan with the coordinates of the point of take-off and movement of the drone;
7. Call to the zonal center before takeoff and after landing;
8. Additional documents of owners / administrations of buildings or territories, if necessary;
9. Allowing documents from the organizers, provided filming during events.
Our team
Ksenia Chehovskaya
Customer service: Processing the incoming requests, consulting, project management, creating contracts. Governmental interactions for flights approval.
+7 904 513-87-75
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Answer time (UTC+3):
Telephone: from 11.00 to 00.00 immedeately
Messengers: from 11.00 to 02.00 up to 5 minutes
Email: from 08.00 to 02.00 up to 30 minutes
Ksenia Chehovskaya
Customer service: Processing the incoming requests, consulting, project management, creating contracts. Governmental interactions for flights approval.
+7 904 513-87-75
Write Facebook messenger
Write WhatsApp
Write Telegram

Answer time (UTC+3):
Telephone: from 11.00 to 00.00 immedeately
Messengers: from 11.00 to 02.00 up to 5 minutes
Email: from 08.00 to 02.00 up to 30 minutes
Andrey Rodin
Over 20 years of experience in aeromodelling and drone piloting. In any situation in expedition Andrew is capable of fixing and assembling any quad-copter.
Artem Chiruhin
FPV pilot
Artem is the first russian FPV pilot (piloting in special video goggles). This piloting technique is best suitable for flying in constrained spaces, extreme piloting and long-distance filming.
Ivan Golubkov
Ivan graduated from the Saint-Petersburg State University of Film and Television in 2012 and has a degree as a cameraman. He has great experience in lots of cinema, television and documentary projects.
Andrew Efimov
Andrew has been working with landscape photo- and videography since 2010. He is the author of the winning film about St Petersburg at an Italian Short Film Festival in Salento.
Video about us

A video about our background and how our works are created

Filming day costs
We shoot aerial photos and videos. Pricing is shown per full working shift (up to 10 hours). Half-shifts (2-5 hours) cost 70% of a full one. Shooting for feature productions (films and series) is available only by full shifts
DJI Phantom 4 PRO
4K resolution, basic optics, H265/MOV video format
Best for:
- photographs for web
- low-budget videos
- reports and technical videos

DJI Inspire 2 X5S
5K resolution, photo-optics incl. tele-lens for close-ups, PRORES/RAW format for wide color range
Best for:
- middle-format printing
- presentation videos
- close-ups
DJI Inspire 2 X7
6K resolution, cinematographic optics, PRORES/RAW format, high photo-sensibility, wide color range and high detalisation
Best for:
- large-format printing
- night shooting
- feature and documentary films
- advertising

Logistics and additional costs for on-site shooting
More info

Transfers on our own automobiles
Our pilot and operator arrive on their own cars. For sites located more than 100 kms far from the city the additional cost is 1 euro/km. For a long-term project the team can arrive to sites up to 3000 kms from St Petersburg.
Additional costs during expeditions
The cost of down time caused by weather or other external reasons or of a moving day is 50% of a full shift. Additional baggage is considerable.
A full shooting shift is 10 hours. Accomodation is required in a hotel not lower than 4* (if available on site). Feeding is required not less than 3 times a day.
Footage for sale
We sell our aerials by shots. Pricing is shown per 1 shot, of average duration 10-30 sec. We provide ready-to-use files in MOV Apple Prores format with color correction. RAW files also available with additional 30% cost (except feature films and advertising)
Web and presentations
Any kind of online usage and at events attended by up to 1000 people
Mass events/public spaces
Usage at events/public spaces with passability by over 1000 people
Music videos, series, documentaries
Usage in music videos shown on TV, TV-series, documentary films etc.
TV broadcast
Usage in commercials videos shown in blocks of regional advertisements, network promotions
Feature films
Usage in action feature films. The price includes RAW format files but excludes usage in trailers and teasers.
All media Commercials/Trailers
Usage in internetional TV commercials, cinemas, public places etc. The price includes RAW format files.
Wholesale discounts

when purchasing 5+ shots
when purchasing 10+ shots
when purchasing 20+ shots
Why you should choose us
License and Permits
We communicate with government and we are able to get special fastest flight permissions.
Active Youtube channel
Our channel was started in 2008 and now has
50 000+ subscribers
Reply time
We are able to communicate in messengers start with primary request with reply time less than 5 minutes.
Official DJI ambassadors
DJI trust us to officially represent them. That's why we are always equipped with the newest technology
Data transfer
We have gigabit network. Footage transferred via our FTP-server or any other convenient way
Our work is featured in many respected international editions
Over 300 hours of flight since 2014
High Quality
Each frame of our video footage has the resolution of 6016x4008 pixels, which is enough for quality printing
Color correction & Grading
We focus on doing the best job in color correction and color grading of our raw footage
Color correction pricing
Standard production time
Price shown per 1 shot at production speed of 10 shots/day
Express production
Price shown per 1 shot at production speed of 100 shots/day
Publications about us
Our work featured in respected media
Sponsorship by the DJI
Within the last 2 years we are provided with all the latest gear in the professional segment of DJI even before the sales start. This is why a DJI logo appears in all our best videos.

Our sponsored videos:

Winter Moscow
Winter Saint Petersburg
Summer Moscow
A great project about 11 cities that hosted the 2018 Football World Championship
In 2016-17 out team participated in a big project of creating an archive of aerial imagery to be used in most videos about the Championship. We filmed all the 11 cities. Unfortunately, the contract does not allow us to share the final videos but they can be available by request: info@timelab.pro

One of the videos with our footage:
Lakhta Center
During all the stages of construction we have been collaborating with Lakhta Center to create top-level videos to be used online and at international exhibitions and conferences.

Our videos on the official Lakhta Center YouTube channel:
A film about the reconstruction of the railroads of the Eastern Range.
Our team joined the ground filming brigade and travelled 8462 kilometers in 3 weeks of filming.

More info about the project on the PraxisAdvance agency website:

Video backgrounds for the Yandex Browser
In Summer 2018 Yandex contracted us to use our video works in their browser.

Example of video usage:
Videos for Channel 1 Russia
In Summer 2018 Channel 1 contracted us to several our video projects for different programmes.

"Elki" famous in Russia anthology film
Bazelevs - the largest film company in Russia. The second year in a row our aerial footage of Moscow and St Petersburg is featured in "Elki" which is the most popular christmas movie in Russia

Film trailer featuring our aerial videos:

Bank Saint-Petersburg
During the last 2 years Bank Saint-Petersburg has been supporting us and our projects in St Petersburg.

Our Instagram
Exclusive, non-featured bits of our work, backstages and news about our projects: @timelab.pro #dronestagram
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